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Esterno notturno Hotel Select

General sale conditions

During the booking of the room/apartment you can choose if you prefer:

  • to pay a deposit of 30% of the total amount through bank transfer or credit card
  • to pay the total amount of the reservation through bank transfer or credit card

Cancellation policy:

for any cancellations that happens up to 28 days before arrival, we will return all the money you paid in advance ; otherwise, for cancellations from 28 days before arrival until the day of arrival (no show) we keep the deposit paid in advance (or the 30% of the money sent, if you chose to pay the whole amount at the moment of reservation), as a penalty for the cancellation occurred.

For all other conditions, we kindly ask our future guests to observe the general rules existing in the province of Trento, below explained.

Art. 1 – Meals not consumed in the period of full board or half board
When the customer enjoys a period of “full Board”, or “half board”, the hotelier is obliged to provide to the customer, instead of the unconsummated meal, a basket containing what is necessary to a meal, unless the customer requires alternative performancewithin the night before the day of the consummation of the meal.

Art. 2 – The customer
must leave the room/apartment before 10:00 o’clock in the day of departure.
The non-observance of this term enables the hotelier to claim the payment of the price for the whole day.

Art. 3 – The reservation
is valid only when confirmed by the proprietor.

Art. 4 – The customer
agrees to occupy the room/apartment in the stated date and to pay it starting from that day.
The reservation of room/apartment under the payment in advance is valid until 10:00 o’clock a.m. of the day following the established arrival day. The reservation not guaranteed by a deposit is valid till 6:00 o’clock p.m. of the day of arrival (except in the case of different advice from the client).

Art. 5 – The term “full Board”
means the accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The term “half board” means the accommodation, breakfast and a meal (lunch or dinner). Drinks are not included.
Unless otherwise agreed with the proprietor, the customer cannot consume their own meals or beverages in the bar/restaurant of the hotel. In this case the proprietor may charge the cost of the service.

Art. 6 – Customers
must respect the restaurant time-table; the hotel management has the right not to deliver meals overtime.

Art. 7 – The client
who leaves the room/apartment before the date indicated at the time of the reservation, must pay the whole period established except for the not consumed meals.

Art. 8 – The delayed occupation
of the room/apartment does not entitle the customer to prolong his staying beyond the appointed day.

Art. 9 – In the room/apartment
it is forbidden to use stoves for preparing food or drink, irons and every other electrical appliance or heat producers.

Art. 10 – Animals
are not admitted in the hotel.

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